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Possibilities and Choices

It's been two years since I found myself facing huge life changes that were completely out of the blue, unexpected and caused me to challenge every belief I held. Nothing was as it appeared, the truth was a complete lie and everything I found security and safety in, wasn't real.  Every moment of every day was a struggle to find my purpose to merely breathe for nearly a year.
I struggled that first year and quite honestly, I don't remember most of it.  I was in a fog and just went through the motions of day to day existence.  How could I have not known? How did I fall for the outright lies?  Wasn't there SOMETHING that I missed?  
Looking back, yes, there was.  I missed a lot.  I refused to follow my instincts, my intuition and I was terrified of losing what I thought I had if I dared question or confront my suspicions.  Here I was, thinking I was a strong woman who stood up for herself, yet I was too afraid of making waves or being perceived as distrustful.  My only stre…