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An Emotional Struggle

As you can clearly see, its been a seemingly millennia since my last blog post.  Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Actually, I have sat down at my computer many, many, MANY times and started to write my next essay.  I get through a few sentences and then quit.  I am struggling right now against doing the same thing at this moment.  But I think I will continue...
The first part of this year has been a hell of a ride.  Well, if you consider a "ride" being strapped to a running chain saw in a tornado while covered in stinging nettle a ride. Ups, downs, curves, stops, starts....blah, blah, BLAH. There have been days where I feel like a normal human being, but after about 7.8 seconds, reality hits and I remember that I am far from normal. And this ain't no ride!
Where to start?

Well, how about starting off by saying we shoved away from the pier on May 31st into the ocean of uncertainty.  The last few months in the house brought me every emotion I have ever felt and seemingly ta…